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Corrugated Packaging Printing

Suzhou Packaging Group focuses on complete solutions for our clients. We understand the many substrates that can make your solutions unique and effective. With a broad knowledge of differentiating materials, Suzhou Packaging Group does not confine our vision to a specific material, yet adapts custom solutions with materials that set apart our clients from their competition.
Box made by our retail packaging manufacturers
Printing- Lithography & Flexography
Corrugated, Folding Cartons, Rigid Box, Header Cards


Whether standardised or tailor-made: A carton made from paperboard, corrugated cardboard, plastic, or rigid material has many different faces. At Suzhou Packaging Group, we always align ourselves to your wishes and develop the best customised solutions for you. Even unusual shapes, sizes or combinations of materials are not a problem for us. We have lots of experience when it comes to machine mobility. Thanks to our many years of experience and a highly modern machine park, we offer you a high degree of precision for machine packaging, even for complex and fast processes.



Molding & Forming
Thermoform, Extrusion, Injection

Suzhou Packaging Group offers the most innovative and comprehensive thermoforming services in the industry. We offer multiple solutions for thermoformed products including vacuum, pressure, twin sheet, and composite reinforced products. We also support Injection Molding, with molding capacity from 85 to 3500 tons. We embrace a scientific approach to injection molding using decoupled molding techniques to develop and maintain robust and repeatable processes.


Environmentally Friendly Materials
Molded Pulp, Paper Foam, Biodegradable Plastics


Suzhou packaging group is specialized in BioBased packaging solutions with very low carbon footprint. We believe not only in low material usage, but also the right material. Suzhou Packaging Group offers both wet and dry press molded pulp solutions, using paper, bamboo, straw, and mushroom based materials that are formed to house your products in the most economical way, with limited to no waste. We also offer manufacturing solutions using paper foam alternatives, and also substitutes for plastic that are limting your carbon footprint.

Marketing Materials
Labels, Brochures, Manuals, Inserts


At Suzhou Packaging Group, we understand the importance of producing quality marketing collateral. That’s why from concept and design through to print, management and delivery, we ensure your collateral continues to achieve maximum return. From labels to multi-page manuals, we take pride in delivering the higest quality collateral for your brand recognition. We specialize in short run to high volume production, with quick turn to accommodate the tightest of timelines.

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