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As an owner-operated, medium-sized company with roots in USA and China that are shaped by traditional values, we take responsibility for the people who work for us. These are the values that we live and breathe every day and the same values that influence our thinking and acting: Openness and honesty; reliability and loyalty; tolerance and respect; predictability and social commitment.
Nick Mott
Founder and Principal

Nick Mott was originally from the Bay Area before embarking on the international circuit. Graduating from San Jose State, business management and packaging design were his hobbies. Nick loves challeges and the opportunity to to help people in all areas of life. With a sharp attention to detail, Nick has become a leader in every undertaking.


Nick oversees project management teams on a daily basis, always lending his creative ideas to his team members.



Tim Mott
VP-Business Development

Tim has over 30 years of high level and executive experience in the packaging industry with a very successful track record in helping companies with project management, business analysis, strategy development, process improvement and financial management. Most importantly, Tim is an incredibly strong leader, who is committed and aligned to our core values and cares deeply about the people with whom he works.

George Pan
VP of Accounts

George has a long track record with account management in many sectors. George brings an excellence in organization, and believes that customers are family.

Fang Fang
Customer Service Manager

Fang Fang will put a smile on everyones face, with her stunning personality. Not to mention her dedication and committment to her daily work. Fang Fang motivates those that are around her, and knows the keys to success through quality customer service.


"With years of experience in the corrugated packaging business, we understand and appreciate the many challenges that our valued customers are confronted with on a daily basis. We are here to partner with you in fulfilling your packaging requirements."

Nick Mott, Principal Suzhou Packaging Group

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