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Research & Design



Every unique product deserves, and needs, unique packaging. Each aspect of your design, from a particular shade of orange to the curl of a “g” to its shape and material, is meticulously tailored to the specific nature and message of your product. Whether head-phones or coconut water, a dog toy or diamond-infused face cream, our custom packaging promises your brand will stand out on the shelf and create genuine consumer connections.



3D renderings are the design equivalent of sonograms. As your packaging comes to life, they illustrate the progress of the design, providing the opportunity to identify and address any issues before the process is complete. Additionally, the use of rapid prototypes offers a quality-to-scale model that you can touch, feel, and evaluate.



Most products are overpackaged! An optimized package system balances the ruggedness of the product with just enough packaging to provide protection from the point of manufacture to the point of end use. There is a synergy between the product and the package when a package system is properly designed. 



"I’m not only impressed with the final result but the process that SPG took me through was equally impressive.

Nick's constant and consistent communication with me throughout this journey meant I knew exactly what was going on, why and where we were headed. SPG is enormously talented with laser-focused attention to detail and an ability to interpret creative brief with super accuracy."

"A huge pleasure to work with!"

Grant Perkins, Design Implementation Manager

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